Hello there, I'm thibaud.

I've been creating and developing things using computers for a little while now.

this website is my portfolio

I guess you can call me a creative developer.

I live in Belgium most of the time and I enjoy making sad music at times too.

Over the past years I've also mastered the art of making portfolio websites and decided to put it all together in Pikibox.

Feel free to use the Contact form if you wish to get in contact with me.


This website is build with Pikibox

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  WORKS 3D & Motion

Previz - Toison d'Or

3D Lighting & Rendering | 2011 | PROWINKO a still from a small 3D previsualisation animation (rough model).

Laura's Star

3D | 2007 | Laura's star in China - Pre-production in Which I provided technical guidelines for modelisation, texturing and compositing and delivered several reference "final" shots from scratch this is one of theses (procedural shading in action).

Laura's Star hutong house

3D | 2007 | one of the many "hutong" style house modeled and shaded for Laura's star in China - Pre-production.

Cefic 2008

3D | 2008 | One of a serie of 3D visuals created for CEFIC Annual review '08.

Cefic 2007

3D | 2007 | One of a serie of 3D visuals created for CEFIC Annual review '07.

Flying Ribbon clip

3D | 2005 | A small animated music clip made for flying Pop

Exxon - Product Safety Guide

FEB Miracle

FEB - Radar

Lexus e-card 2007

Animated e-card for Lexus Europe with personalisable message

Date: 2007 | Media: flash

Exxon - i3

  WORKS Web & Identity

Dreamers Inc.

Fractal Science

Fractal Science Dashboard


Reddy vineyards


Demand Rehab

The Orchard

Attic Studio


24 International



AudioSphere - Logo

Identity | 2011 | Poikosoft AudioShpere Icons/Logo Design

YAO - Logo

Identity | 2007 | YAO Logo Design


Let's get in touch!

Thibaud Van Vreckem

phone: +32 498 218 366

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